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Dr. Braaten draws upon her expertise to frequently write articles on psychological topics for general audiences. She often is cited in articles too. Below are some of Dr. Braaten's recent contributions to print media.

Recent articles written by Dr. Braaten

Recent articles citing Dr. Braaten

Why your gifted kid seems lazy and unmotivated. Fatherly.

Viral song helps kids learn to set boundaries -- and have fun while they're at it. Parents.

School's response to child missing class slammed: 'So judgmental.' Newsweek.

ADHD linked to higher risk of mental health disorders, study finds. Healthline.

School anxiety is more and more common — here's how to help your kid through it. POPSUGAR.

How to raise a child who understands their strengths and weaknesses. Fatherly.

Love the kid you have, not the one you wish you had. Boston Globe.

AskMe: We asked an expert all of your questions about ADHD. The Mighty.

I thought my daughter was defiant, it turns out she had slow processing speed. Parents.

The cost of diagnosing your child's learning difficulties: What parents need to know. Parents.

Will kids "bounce back" after the pandemic? Our experts weigh in. Understood.

We love virtual learning: Students, parents explain why. Education Weekly.

Kids, the pandemic, and a mental health challenge. The Economic Times.

The remote learning tips that'll help your child emotionally and academically thrive this year. Woman's Day.

How will loneliness from the coronavirus isolation affect children? Slate.

A big 2020 campaign question: Wait, what day is it? The New York Times.

How to talk to your kids about the coronavirus outbreak. Time.

6 signs your daytime sleepiness is actually a sign of anxiety. Bustle.

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